Feeling Suicidal?

If you are feeling suicidal, please talk to someone you trust about it. If you're unable to do this, or if you feel you are in danger of seriously harming yourself, go to your nearest A&E department or equivalent. Remember, you don't need to have already harmed yourself to seek emergency treatment.

The links on this page provide further sources of support for people who are feeling suicidal.

If You Are Thinking About Suicide...
Read this first.

A place of hope and compassion for the severely depressed and suicidal.

A Reason
..to live or to die.

Mixed Nuts Suicide Self-Help
Ways to help yourself when you're feeling suicidal.

Sources of Help

Our Helplines page gives details of helplines around the world. For other sources of immediate help in the UK, see UK Crisis Services.

If you have attempted suicide and need medical help, ring 999 or the emergency services number for your country. For more information on what to do in an emergency, see our First Aid & Emergencies page.


If you'd like to draw up a crisis plan for when you feel suicidal, take a look at Crisis Plans.