What is Sirius?

mental health problems

Sirius is a collaborative project for people who have mental problems and needs help. The project was created in 2003 and its main goal is to help people in difficult issues that they may encounter in their lives by providing safe information online. You all know how much a psychiatrist costs and not every person can afford it. Our website was created to provide FREE psychological help. All information on the website is reviewed, edited and does not depend on any religion, political views and social trends. We do not pursue any commercial benefit and are ready to cooperate with volunteers from the number of organizations, psychologists, neuropsychologists, counselors and social workers.

Qualified psychologists and psychotherapists will help you in resolving issues related to neurosis, depression, phobias, self-harm, irrational thoughts, family issues, marriage problems, and other problems. Sirius will provide psychological assistance at the right time. Here you can learn about DBT skills and how to stop dissociating, best alternatives to self-harm

Psychological assistance is effective only if it turns out to be a professional and if the client wants to change the internal and external circumstances that are not satisfactory. Psychological help online can find a way out where life circumstances do not allow it.

Together with My Canadian Pharmacy (a store selling drugs online), we are directing all efforts to work together to resolve our clients’ mental health problems.

In what situations can Sirius help?

People address us in various situations, and we sincerely try to help and support them. We provide here a list of problems when Sirius can be useful. It is probably not complete.

  • Friendship: no friends, problem friendship, distance from each other, quarrels with friends, jealousy, feeling of exclusion from friendship, completion of problem friendship, help a friend;
  • Relations: start of a┬árelationship, unrequited love, end of the relationship, life without a couple, parents and relationships, a relationship at a distance, homosexual relationships, sex without relationship;
  • School: new school, university life, conflicts with teachers, graduation, stress due to exams, class conflict, bullying at school, unwillingness to learn;
  • Family: unacceptable home rules, sibling conflicts, parental divorce, conflict with parents, the absence of one or both parents, conflict with other family members, drinking parents, relationship with stepfather or stepmother, the death of a loved one;
  • Cruelty and violence: harassment, bullying, bullying on the Internet, sexual abuse, sexual harassment, threats, beatings by peers, blackmail, extortion, prejudice, prejudice, violence in the family;
  • Physical health: growth and body change in adolescence, contraceptives and pregnancy protection, unwanted pregnancy, abortion, alcohol and drugs, smoking, illness, self-harm, disability, eating disorders, sleep disturbance;
  • Emotional condition: low self-esteem, irrational thoughts, loss and sadness, feeling of anger, feeling of sadness, loneliness and isolation, depression, apathy, indifference, suicidal thoughts, panic, anxiety.

Psychological help online will allow you to get an outside perspective that will help you to see the most important thing in your task and take the first steps towards its solution. Sirius will help you understand yourself, gain confidence in your abilities, realize your real desires and begin to act.