Challenging Irrational Thoughts

irrational thinking

Nothing can spoil a beautiful day faster than negative irrational яthoughts. They take precedence over positive thoughts because of the unconscious preference of a person to focus on what is going or can go wrong, instead of seeing the best in a situation. Sometimes it is the result of frequent failures in the past when it seemed to you that fate throws you out in the mud so often that you are convinced that this is destined to happen again.

How to get rid of irrational thoughts? The thing is that negative thinking is a habit that can be eliminated with the help of knowledge, strategy and behavior. Understanding the reason for our negative and changing the way we perceive the situation, we can develop a more positive outlook that will provide huge rewards in our personal and professional life!

How to change irrational thinking?

Develop a regular cycle of sleep

Irrational thinking is a symptom of depression, and it is often aggravated by the lack of sleep or its irregular cycle. The relationship between negativity, depression, and lack of sleep has been extensively studied in numerous scientific studies, including The Sleep in America 2005 Survey, which found that people diagnosed with depression or anxiety tended to sleep less than six hours a day.

In order to get rid of negative thoughts and make sure that you are well rested, you must make a commitment to develop a healthy and sustainable sleep cycle for a long period of time. This cycle should allow you to achieve a full eight-hour sleep every night, based on the time in which you need to get up to work in the morning. You can even take drugs that normalize your sleep but you’d better consult a doctor prior to starting treatment. If you do not want to go to a doctor, we recommend that you at least consult an expert of My Canadian Pharmacy online.

Record your negative thoughts in a keyboard

The problem with irrational thoughts is that they are usually formless and ambiguous in our consciousness, which makes it difficult to determine or solve them with the help of verbal thinking. They can also hide the true source of our fear, so it’s important that we can process these thoughts and understand where they come from.

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The best way to achieve this is to write down your negative thoughts in a notebook, translating them into words and giving them actual meaning. Begin to write down your thoughts quickly and directly, you should focus on expressing yourself, and not try to formulate your thoughts logically. After they are handed over to paper, you can examine them and determine what caused them.

This process will also help you develop the habit of expressing your thoughts in an open manner, thus making it easier to manage relationships and resolve interpersonal problems.

Stop going to extremes

Life is far from black and white, and people who have a rational attitude of their mind are able to take this into account in their daily thinking processes. But the same cannot be said about those who are prone to irrational negative thoughts, as these people tend to go to extremes and imagine the worst scenarios when they are faced with a problem.

Unfortunately, this prevents you from embracing the finest nuances of life and taking into account the positive aspects that can be learned from any situation.

In this regard, the key to complex negative thoughts is not in a deliberate, forced, and completely positive style of thinking. Instead, to get rid of negative thoughts, you should consider the various positive and negative opportunities that exist in any of your life situations, laying them out on paper, and create a list that can guide your thinking processes. So you will get rid of negative thoughts and emotions and provide your brain with viable alternatives for extreme negatives, without forcing yourself to suddenly change your thinking style.

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Look at the facts and stop reading thoughts

Negative thoughts also affect the fact that you cannot cope with any kind of uncertainty. Therefore, when you find yourself in an unfamiliar or stressful situation, which has a potentially negative result, you have a tendency to exaggerate certain events and give them great importance without significant facts. This can be described as reading your thoughts, and it only contributes to further negative.

To get rid of the state of anxiety, you need to change your attitude to how you look at the situation. Gather facts and details related to the situation and use them to make an informed decision. The key must begin with a script and show all logical explanations in order of importance, using either pen and paper or verbal reasoning. For example, the situation – your friend does not respond to the message, and you immediately get bad thoughts in your head, but the explanation may be – the battery of his phone is discharged, he is at a meeting or at work, his phone is on silent mode and the message has not been read.

By listing these realistic explanations, you can avoid the temptation to exaggerate negative results and react impulsively, thereby getting rid of negative thoughts. Over time, the experience will teach you that logical and rational explanations are usually more likely than the worst scenarios in your head.

Underline the positive side

One of the main problems in negative thoughts is that they constantly darken your judgment, even when the script ends with a positive result. This can either minimize the positive result and the influence it has on your mind, or prevent you from seeing any positive at all.

Let’s imagine that you were promoted at work, but not like some of your colleagues. Instead of focusing on this single negative element, it’s much better to mark the promotion proposal and acknowledge the fact that there are others who have received less. This will create the prospect of any situation and provide definitive facts in order to get rid of their negative thoughts.

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The perception of the situation is the key here, the fact that you see negative phenomena as temporary and limited, rather than permanent and common. Immediately assess the balance between negative and positive thoughts, and later you will be in the habit of looking at the situation, starting with a sense of perspective for the future.

Review circumstances and actively look for positives

While there are scenarios that clearly provide both positive and negative effects, there are others that can be instantly perceived as completely negative. This is the worst nightmare for people who are prone to negative thoughts, as they are in a situation that feeds their pessimistic mood and does not offer immediate hope of getting rid of negative thoughts.

You may be at the airport when your flight is delayed, for example, which is a negative scenario that causes you to panic and consider a number of opportunities that you may miss.

The way to solve this problem is to actively look for positives, initially reviewing the circumstances and seeing the problem as possible. So instead of focusing on what you can miss, why not list other things you can successfully do while waiting for your flight? In any case, this will be the key to saving yourself from irrational thoughts by finding positive solutions and optimizing your time.

You need only to direct the thoughts in the right direction and everything will change. Need to get rid of negative thinking and become proactive? With the right approach, this can be achieved in a couple of minutes. Get to know yourself, use the techniques described by Sirius Project and practice them as often as possible. We wish you good luck!